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Your Health, Disease Prevention, Weight, Sleep, Energy and Mood Are Effected By Your Gut

Disease Prevention Energy Gut Health Mood Sleep Weight

Science is still discovering how powerful prebiotic fibers are for keeping you healthier today and in the future.70% of your immune system response comes from your gut. It plays a key role in everything from avoiding colds and flu, to preventing long-term diseases.While there's much to be learned, the health of your gut has been connected to improvements in arthritis, colitis, Crohn's, IBD, IBS, diabetes, asthma, allergies, heart disease, osteoporosis, obesity and more.Even things like your quality of sleep, your mood and your energy levels may be affected by getting the right kinds of prebiotic plant fibers to help keep...

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From all of us at ProBiotein and Food First LLC, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!

feta ProBiotein Pumpkin Spinach Tart Thanksgiving

Tasty Thanksgiving Tart with ProBiotein   Here's a great holiday tart recipe from Two Spoons that we've tweaked a little by substituting ProBiotein for the wheat germ. See her entire article here on the ProBiotein web site recipe section. The ProBiotein not only gives the crust a nice taste, but its four prebiotic fibers add a bit of natural health to the holidays! Give it a try. From all of us at ProBiotein and Food First LLC, we wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving!– The ProBiotein Team

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How Prebiotic Fiber Affects Your Health

Dr. Neal Barnard enterohepatic circulation hormones liver function prebiotic fibers

Fiber plays a role in the control of your cholesterol, estrogen and testosterone levels, plus other key health factors  An article on the health web site Experience Life titled "Fiber: Why It Matters More Than You Think" unlocks some of the reasons for the benefits noted when diets are higher in plant fiber intake. In it, fiber is noted to play a part in "...regulating blood-sugar levels, reducing the risk of coronary heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, breast cancer, colon cancer and gastrointestinal disorders such as reflux, duodenal ulcer, irritable bowel and diverticulitis, and also supporting weight loss." Some of the work fiber does is...

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Wheat, Grains Aid Our Health

gluten gluten-free grains wheat wheat belly

The Natural Food Products Expo in Anaheim, California in March 2013 was jam packed with innovative food products, and about 60,000+ food professionals. The single biggest trend observed at the nation's biggest natural foods tradeshow? The proliferation of "Gluten-Free" everything. Even the products that would never think of having any gluten in them, felt compelled to announce that they too, were gluten-free.In this article from the Montana Grain Growers Association, the author provides a logical rebuttal to the "Wheat Belly" author Dr. William Davis, and to the growing legion of folks who blame our country's ills on wheat, gluten and...

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