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NY Times: "Fiber Is Good for You. Now Scientists May Know Why."

"Indeed, the evidence for fiber’s benefits extends beyond any particular ailment."
A New Year's Day article by Carl Zimmer in the NY Times discusses some of the recent findings about fiber from researchers at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. 

Fiber is Key in Mammalian Health
This NY Times article reports on research findings from Dr. Fredrik Backed, a biologist at the University of Gothenburg in Sweden. Others from the gut health field weighed in also, including Dr. Justin Sonnenburg of Stanford University, co-author of The Good Gut. And Andrew Gewirtz of Georgia State University whose team carried out research on the effect of low fiber, high fat diets, which tended to diminish the size of the gut bacterial population in the mouse populations studied.

Learning The Human Microbiome
Science is rapidly uncovering the relationship between the food we eat and the health we enjoy. Much of that has to do with the 100 trillion microbes living in our guts. These microbes use fiber as their fuel. When they have fiber, they can regulate your immune system, create energy and even synthesize vitamins. Gut bacteria also help create vital short chain fatty acids and signaling molecules that communicate along your gut-brain axis. A healthy microbiome can monitor your gut wall's tight junctions to avoid leaky gut. You can even reduce pathogenic bacteria through "competitive exclusion". This happens when your good probiotic bacteria thrive and out-compete the pathogens, which they can do when there's a sufficient supply of prebiotic plant fibers in your diet.

Fiber In Your Pocket
So, adding prebiotic fiber to you diet makes sense. And our MicroBiome Bar™ can help. It's the world’s first gut health bar with the 4 prebiotic fibers of ProBiotein®. This first prebiotic fiber bar from Food First LLC launched at the Natural Food Products Expo East held in September. Leading the new category of gut health bars, it’s packed with AXOS, FOS, MOS and XOS prebiotic fibers, plus beta-glucans, Omega-3 and protein. The p-nutty and cranberry mix makes the bar a tasty choice, while the sunflower seeds and puffed amaranth give it a fun bit of crunch. It's a big bar at 80g and comes in two pieces, so you can share or save one for later.

Fermented Grains
Each MicroBiome Bar contains your daily amount of ProBiotein®, Food First’s proprietary blend of organic wheat, organic oats, organic barley malt, organic flax and nutritional yeast. It’s fermented, dried and ground so it’s easy to add to beverages, smoothies, yogurt, soups and oatmeal. ProBiotein can be used in baked goods and makes delicious bread when you substitute 2 Tablespoons of it for an equal amount of flour. By fermenting the grains, the starches are removed, the proteins concentrated and important amino acids are provided. It also has 4 digestive enzymes to help you get the most from what you eat.

About Food First
Based in North Dakota, Food First LLC makes products including the MicroBiome Bar™ and ProBiotein® which give you important prebiotic fibers that are often missing in the American diet. ProBiotein is the key multi-prebiotic fiber and protein blend ingredient in all our products. Our goal is to give you the right foods to help keep your systems operating optimally, so your body and mind can perform their natural best.

Take ProBiotein daily. Eat more whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Exercise.

* The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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