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About Us

15 Years of ProBiotein®

ProBiotein is a multi-prebiotic fiber source that’s specially formulated for people. But it's actually been around for 15 years already, helping the health and performance of some mammals that are much bigger than us . . . . . . horses and cattle.

ProBiotein was developed by our sister company SweetPro back in 2002 as a multi-prebiotic source for livestock. It's proven to be an industry changing product for the health of horses, beef cattle, dairy cows, sheep, goats, llamas, alpaca, elk, deer and even elephants. Owners of competition horses really noticed major changes in not only health, but performance. And that's what got everything started.

Better Health, Better Performance

Truth is, we really hadn’t planned on making ProBiotein for people quite yet. But the ranchers and horse owners we’d worked with for 20 years just wouldn’t take "no" for an answer. Turns out they’d seen first hand, the remarkable health improvements their animals experienced from our products that contained ProBiotein.

Over the years, we've heard a lot of great stories about ProBiotein helping horses get healthier. And the horse owners in particular, wanted to feel just as good and be just as healthy as their horses were on ProBiotein. As you might guess, they’re a persistent bunch.

From Whoa to Go

So after 15 years of saying “whoa” to these people who really know a lot about animal health and performance, we decided it was time for all of us humans to have our own healthy, natural multi-prebiotic fiber source made from grains.

In fact, during 2012 a lot of the ranchers and horse owners we work with, joined us in trying the first food grade samples of ProBiotein. The results were extremely positive, as we saw exciting health improvements.

Grains & Prebiotic Fibers

In 2012 we launched Food First LLC, dedicated to ProBiotein-based products for people. We produce ProBiotein in our own food grade plant in North Dakota – America’s grain heartland. We make ProBiotein from organic whole wheat, oats and flax, plus barley malt. Our special fermentation process removes the starches, concentrates the proteins, provides nutritional yeast, plus 4 important prebiotic fibers and 4 digestive enzymes.

Recent breakthroughs in scientific research have begun to discover some of the remarkable health benefits of prebiotic fibers. By design, ProBiotein has not just 1 prebiotic fiber, but 4 in a strategic blend. Scholars will tell you that based on centuries of real-life experience, most successful civilizations understood the health benefit of natural grains in their cultures and diets. Today, we're starting to learn exactly why the prebiotic plant fibers of grains are so very important.

Immune system support. Long term health. Prevention. Resistance. Recovery.

Your Natural Best

At Food First, we’ve personally experienced the simple and fundamental health improvements that ProBiotein can add to our lives. Helping your body perform at its natural best, is a goal that we want to help you achieve.

– Your ProBiotein Team