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Getting Started – What to Expect – # 1 of 5

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How to Take ProBiotein – 
There's really no wrong way to take ProBiotein. After all, it's just food, made from natural grains. Most people add it to oatmeal, or yogurt, or applesauce, or smoothies. It's not sweetened, and has no additives, so it tastes like grains. And that's just what it is. Adults should take 1 Tablespoon (same as 3 teaspoons) daily. Once a day is fine. Or 1/2 Tablespoon twice a day is alright. It's up to you. If you want to take a little time to adjust, it's okay to start with 1 teaspoon a day for a week, then go to 2 teaspoons a day for the second week, and finally 3 teaspoons (1 Tablespoon) a day in the third week and beyond.

Give It Time
Best advice? Stay with ProBiotein for at least 60 days. That's a 1 lb. bag. Because there are two levels of ProBiotein results: 1. the ones you feel in the first 60 days; and 2. the ones that may help you throughout your lifetime. Almost all ProBiotein users notice a good change in their digestion within a week or so. Your digestive transit time may shorten a bit (that's good), and your body may begin ridding itself of pathogenic bacteria (also good). For most people, the transition is very easy. These changes can be a move toward a healthier digestive pattern, which usually takes a few weeks to become routine. If you feel you'd like to slow the changes down, just reduce your daily portion as mentioned above and build steadily from there. And stick with it.

The Other Daily Multi
Most of us take a multi-vitamin. But why? You never hear anyone say how much better they make them feel. Turns out it's just smart for long range health. Sort of like insurance. Or better yet, prevention. That's where ProBiotein comes in. The more we learn about our biggest health challenges, the more we see how we really need to get way ahead of potential health problems through prevention. By the time most serious health issues are detected, we discover that they've been slowly creeping up on us for years. So the right time to begin taking preventive measures (and ProBiotein can be one) is right now. As the only multi-prebiotic fiber source with 4 prebiotics, it truly is the "multi-vitamin" of prebiotic sources.

You and Doc
Since ProBiotein's made from food, it's remarkably safe. Just wheat, oats, barley malt and flax. And the fermenting? Well consider that lots of things you eat are fermented. Cheese, pickles, sourdough bread, sauerkraut, kefir and yogurt. ProBiotein ferments its small grains to remove the starches, concentrate the protein and produce some very useful natural digestive enzymes. The wheat and barley in ProBiotein means that it has 1/30 of 1% gluten (333 ppm), which is very low. So about the only people who may want to check with their doctors about taking ProBiotein, are the .1% to 1% of people who have true celiac disease. And because ProBiotein's just food, it can be taken with most medications, though you should consult your doctor if you take prescription medicines. Some physicians will actually recommend prebiotics like ProBiotein and/or probiotics, when antibiotics have to be taken.

Reasons For
It's an exciting time for prebiotics right now. The word prebiotic has only existed since 1995, and new discoveries are happening all the time. Research is accelerating about the gut, its microbiome of 1,000 bacteria species, the 100 trillion bacteria in us, and the importance of prebiotic fiber to our overall health. Also, the key nature of amino acids, digestive enzymes, Omega-3, Beta-glucan and protein from plants is really getting a lot of attention lately. All are ingredients in ProBiotein and the more we learn, the more our health challenges appear to be helped by ProBiotein's blend in a way that lets your body perform its normal, healthy best.

Take ProBiotein daily. Eat more whole grains, vegetables and fruits. Exercise.

* The Food and Drug Administration has not evaluated these statements. This product is not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any disease.

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